Part 3: The Homeowner’s Window Installation Checklist – Things to Do During and After Window Installation

Your participation in window installation and replacement does not end in the preparation phase — however, you should remember that there are also limits. There are things that you should leave to the contractors and you should not worry about. Furthermore, there are also factors that you must look into after the project is completed. Let us take a closer look at what you should do during and after window installation.

During the Installation

  • Be accessible and approachable. Even if you decide to leave the contractors alone, they might need to consult you regarding some urgent concerns such as if they can move or use something. If you have work or need to leave the house, make sure to give them a number they can call or designate the decision-making responsibility to someone else in your family like your spouse. Furthermore, stay nice so they won’t hesitate to approach you.
  • Stay calm. Remember that you are dealing with professionals and they know what they are doing. Do not panic or even more so, don’t be negative. Stop worrying that they might drop or break something. After all, if you hired a reliable contractor, they should be fully insured so if they break anything, you will be compensated accordingly.
  • Be considerate. Yes, your contractor is a professional, but they are human too. If you notice something wrong, try not to be too discriminating. Relay your concerns calmly.

After the Installation

  • Check your new windows. Tell your contractor right away if you notice something wrong, so they can fix it immediately.
  • Settle the bill. Once everything has been done and all the mess has been cleaned up, pay your contractor as agreed. Giving them honest yet constructive feedback can also help them better their craft. If possible, leave a testimonial on their website or social media pages.
  • Call your security company. Have them re-install sensors and alarms and ensure that everything is functioning properly.
  • Take a closer look at your energy bill. If it suddenly rises, there must be something that the contractors missed so have them check the windows they just installed.

Following this advice and tips can help you have a fulfilling, non-stressful window installation and replacement — and even help you build a good rapport and relationship with your window contractor. And once everything is finished, you can sit back and enjoy the breeze and sunlight coming in from your new windows!