Part 1: The Homeowner’s Window Installation Checklist – Preparing Yourself for Window Installation

Window installation or replacement is no easy task. Even if you have hired the best contractor your research and referrals have suggested, they still could use your assistance and support in order to execute their work more efficiently — homeowners must know their responsibility in preparing for the scheduled window replacement project. This guide provides you with information that can help you ensure that the project is completed without problems.

The Importance of Proper Preparation

When you hire a window contractor, you might expect that the installation process will be quick and that they won’t need your help. While this is often true, it still helps to familiarize yourself with what installing a new window entails — and the things you can do ahead of time to make the job easier and go faster.

Preparing Yourself and Your Family

Once you have settled on a schedule for the work to be done, take the time to prepare yourself and your family for the upcoming construction. Here are some of the things that you should consider doing.

  • Decide how much involvement you want to have. Do you wish to be around and be able to help the crew a bit or do you want to just leave them be? No matter how much involvement you opt to have, make sure to talk to the contractor about it, so they won’t feel intimidated should you decide to stay around while they work.
  • Ask for details that will have the most significance to you. Details of the project such as order of construction, estimated time of job completion per room, required space and electrical outlets, etc., can help you be better prepared.
  • Make necessary plans ahead. Window replacement and installation may take a few days so you need to plan in advance. Are you going to let your kids and pets stay at home during the construction? If not, where are you taking them for temporary care?
  • Make necessary calls. If you are residing in a private, guarded village, make sure to advise the security department about the arrival of a window crew. (And secure permits, too, if needed.) You may also need to call your home security provider, especially if you have to remove and turn off alarms and sensors installed in the windows.
  • Understand that window installation can be messy. Understanding basic window replacement procedure is often helpful not just in preparing yourself for the job to take place, but to help facilitate a fast, efficient, and safe construction. Furthermore, knowing beforehand that the project can get messy, will help keep you from worrying and being surprised at what your house looks like during the construction.

Now that you have an idea on how to prepare yourself and your family, let’s get on to the next important thing — preparing your home! Be on the lookout for Part 2, coming soon!