Part 2: The Homeowner’s Window Installation Checklist – Preparing Your Home for Window Installation

Preparing your home for the construction work to take place is as important as preparing your family — or even more, actually. This will ensure that your contractor can do their job safely and possibly, faster. Below are the most important tasks that you must do before the window crew knocks on your door.

Clear the work area

  • Take down all blinds, curtains, and other window treatments.
  • Trim down plants or bushes near the windows. You need to provide at least two feet of space for the contractors.
  • Remove any hanging objects and ornaments such as mirrors, paintings, picture frames, and clocks from the walls adjacent to the construction area. Vibrations from drilling and hammering might cause them to fall and break.

Ensure easy access for the workers

  • Make sure that the contractors have a clear path from their service truck to the windows, as they will need to bring in their equipment.
  • Move everything that might get in their way — from big furniture such as cabinets and sofas to small items such as rugs.
  • Remove things that block the electrical outlets in the rooms where the contractors will be working.

Cover up

  • While reliable contractors always make sure to leave the house as clean as when they came in, you still need to cover your belongings such as furniture. You can also remind them to bring a drop cloth or tarp to protect the floor.

Remove security and alarm devices mounted on windows

  • When getting window replacements, you will need to turn off the security system and remove security sensors mounted on your existing windows. Call your security company and advise them that you are having some home improvements done, and that you may need them for assistance in removing sensors, and re-installing them once the job is finished.

Now that you have prepared your home for the scheduled window installation, you need to know what to do during the construction and after the job is completed. Our next post, coming soon, can give you an overview on these, so stay tuned!