Window Beauty Blog Series: Windows Types for Specific Home Styles

There’s an endless combination of types, styles and colors when it comes to windows, making choosing which replacement window to install quite an intimidating task. This difficulty can be further compounded if you have absolutely no idea where to begin.

Window Beauty Blog Series: Windows Types for Specific Home Styles

This is why at Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, we have compiled this quick, two-part guide to choosing the right window that can suit three of the most common home styles in the United States.

The American Farmhouse Style

Gaining popularity in the Midwest since the 1800s, the American Farmhouse is an iconic style seen in many rural and suburban areas throughout the country. The key to this timeless classic is its simple structure, present in even its modern incarnation.

The simplicity of the American Farmhouse makes it a versatile style that can match nearly any window style. For a classic look, stick to traditional double-hung windows, but you can accent certain areas with sliding windows, particularly sunrooms and other living areas.

The Georgian-Federal Home

The Georgian homes of the late 1700s were named after King George III. The style became popular in New England as a sign of the growing prosperity of the colonists. Today, it lends much of its design to a more modern aesthetic, developing into what’s known as a Federal home.

Another classic home adapted from the Northeastern states, the Georgian-Federal home depends on large luxurious front doors with round transoms and double-hung windows to maintain its stately look. However, casement windows are also a popular choice, especially in the upper dormers.

The Industrial Modern Home

Reminiscent of Industrial-style homes popular in the West Coast and other urban areas, the Industrial Modern home makes use of different materials often found in factories to give accent to its contemporary sensibilities.

As with most modern and post-modern homes, picture windows are a go-to choice for the Industrial Modern style. Large rectangular windows allow the design to show both form and function of interior elements, but other shapes can be used as well.

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