What You Need to Know About Drafty Windows

Do you hear a whistling sound coming from your windows during a windy day? Perhaps, the glass keeps rattling along the window frame as well. These are usually an indication that your existing windows have become drafty. But why exactly does this issue occur? 

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Age and Weather re the Primary Culprits

Over time, the glazing putty used in windows can become brittle, causing it to crumble and leaving the glass to rattle in place. If you have wood windows, you’ll find they are prone to shrinking with age, which allows for openings that make it easy for cold drafts to enter your home. But drafty windows don’t always have something to do with age – even fairly new units can let in drafts when their gaskets and weatherstripping become worn and damaged.

The Better and Longer-Lasting Solution

The fact is that your windows (and doors, too) should always keep an airtight seal to maintain your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Otherwise, these drafts will create cold spots inside your home, compromising its indoor environment while causing your HVAC system to work overtime to fill in the thermal gap. Having the windows repaired and sealed can somewhat mitigate the issue, but this is only a temporary fix. You should consider expert window replacement from Renewal by Andersen® of Houston instead.

Our top-tier replacement windows are made of Fibrex®, a material that combines the superior durability and insulating properties of wood with the low-maintenance performance of vinyl. They won’t crack, pit, corrode or warp, creating a strong and airtight seal that prevents cold drafts from entering your home. Fibrex also keeps the glass firmly in place, which eliminates the potential of rattling on blustery days.

Renewal by Andersen of Houston can handle all your  window replacement needs. You’ll never have to worry about drafty windows anymore with our high-quality options. We proudly serve the areas in and around Spring, TX. Call us today at (281) 547-6177, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We’d love to hear from you!