Video: How to Clean Our Double Hung Windows


Renewal by Andersen® of Houston windows are designed to eliminate the hassles of cleaning. Apart from being framed by the practically maintenance-free Fibrex®, you can wipe both sides of the glass of our sash units without stress. 

Here are some helpful tips for cleaning our double hung windows:

Removing Interior Grilles

Check to see if you have removable interior grilles. If you do, lift them away from the glass near the edge of the frame, leaving the grille clips in place.

Preparing the Bottom Sash

To clean the exterior glass on the bottom sash, unlock it, and raise it above two inches. Find the wash assist tabs, located above the window on each side of the frame. Slide them down until they’re wedged between the sash and the frame. Then, grasp the bottom sash with both hands at the outer edge near the wash assist tabs, and pull firmly toward you.

After a slight resistance, the sash will tilt inward. Using the back of a sturdy chair or something similar, support the glass while in tilted position. Be careful not to tilt the sash more than 90 degrees.

Preparing the Top Sash

To clean the exterior glass of the top sash, leave the bottom sash in its tilted position. Slide the wash assist tabs back to the top of the window frame. Lower the top sash until you can comfortably reach the tilt-wash tab located at its top edge. Make sure the lower end of the top sash is at least one inch higher than the bottom sash. Move the assist tab inward, and, at the same time, pull the sash toward you. Tilt it until it rests against the bottom sash, and clean it properly.

All our sash windows operate this way so that you can clean them without going out. This is especially convenient if you have these units on the second floor.

Putting Both Sashes Back

Once you’re done, put both sashes back to their original position. Lift the upper sash until it snaps back to its vertical position. Push the top sash down about one inch before sliding it to the top of the frame. Do the same with the bottom sash, except push it down to its closed position. Lock both sashes to confirm they have engaged completely.

Installing Interior Grilles

If you removed the interior grilles prior to cleaning, put the grilles back by placing them against the glass and pressing firmly into the grille clips. Make sure they fit snugly against the glass. Observe safety practices when working around with windows. Don’t worry, though, our installers will demonstrate everything during your window replacement so you can see how to handle your new units with care.

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