Top Design Tips for Beautiful Window Walls

Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows offer several benefits. But if you want to go the full measure, choose window walls. While often associated with modern architecture, window walls can look beautiful in any architectural style.

Top Design Tips for Beautiful Window Walls

Here are some tips for designing your own window walls.

Let the Sunshine In

Daylighting is the practice of using natural light as the main lighting source for interior spaces. There are two factors at work when optimizing windows for daylighting: the window size and position. This makes window walls the best windows for daylighting, but equally important is the position. You can get the maximum amount of natural light if your windows are facing east-to-west, or you can choose to install window walls on other sides for softer lighting.

If you’re worried that the sunlight might fade your fabrics and furniture, you will be glad to know that our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass feature low-emissivity coatings that block UV rays. In fact, our SmartSun™ option can block up to 95% UV rays and up to 72% of solar heat.

Combine Different Window Styles

Window walls aren’t just literally a wall of glass. By combining different window styles, you’re creating a signature window style that reflects your personality, taste, and style. We recommend combining operable windows styles like sliding windows with fixed window panels, so you can enjoy a fresh breeze anytime. You can also try unusual combinations, like incorporating sliding patio doors into the window wall or crowning your window with curved specialty ones for softer angles.

Light Up Your Entrance

Certain house designs tend to create a dark front entrance, even with sidelights or the occasional lone clerestory window. Why not make this area brighter and install a window wall at your entryway? This looks especially good on homes with a front-facing gable. We offer several obscured glass options for those concerned about privacy.

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