Our Commitment: Energy-Efficient and Durable Windows

We all know what’s been happening to our planet lately. We all hear it in the news—air and water pollution, energy crisis, and climate change. These are already causing major problems all over the world. Unfortunately, this will worsen in the near future if we don’t do anything about it.

Energy-Efficient and Durable Windows

That’s why all environmental conservation efforts are beneficial to mankind. These are important to prevent further environmental damage. You too can actually help in this noble effort to save the planet. By simply prolonging the lifecycle of different products and/or using energy smartly at home, these methods can all help.

Smart Use of Energy

Did you know that the average home uses significantly more energy and is responsible for more carbon emissions than the average automobile? Heating or cooling your home is going to consume a lot of energy. Just imagine what millions of homes can do to the environment.

Making your home more energy-efficient by replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones can be beneficial to your budget. More importantly, it will benefit the environment as well. Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows, for instance, can replace your windows with our top-of-the-line windows, with frames made from Fibrex®, a durable material with excellent insulating properties. Top it off with Low-E4 glass and your new windows will certainly help reduce your heating and cooling bills, along with carbon emission.

Long Product Lifecycles

Keep in mind that the longer your windows last, the more you can help the environment. That’s because construction waste is a major source of landfill waste in the US. The longer the lifecycle of your windows in Sugar Land, Texas, the lesser wastes there will be in landfills.

Green Seal Certification

Renewal by Andersen® has been at the forefront of the replacement window industry when it comes to environmental conservation and preservation. Together with our parent company, Andersen Corporation, we are the first window manufacturers to receive a Green Seal Certification for Environmental Stewardship. For energy-efficient and durable windows, choose Renewal by Andersen of Houston. We offer a wide array of window styles, including casement, double-hung, and picture windows in Sugar Land, TX, and the neighboring areas.

If you want to know more about our company, products, and services, feel free to browse through this website or just give us a call. Contact Renewal by Andersen of Houston today for a free in-home consultation!