Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Window Replacement

Replacing your windows can be a tricky business if not done correctly. A window replacement project gone wrong can cause expensive damage to your home. Read this post from the experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Houston to find out what common pitfalls you should avoid when it’s time to give your windows a fresh look and feel.

Window Replacement

Neglecting Energy Efficiency

When replacing your windows, energy efficiency should be among your primary considerations. Energy-efficient windows help regulate indoor temperatures, reduce utility bills and increase comfort. Choose windows rated for maximum efficiency. 

Look for windows that are ENERGY STAR® certified and come with Low-E4® technology. This type of glass is designed to help reduce energy bills without compromising on aesthetics. 

Overlooking Window Styles

It’s also critical not to overlook window styles. A mismatched window can spoil your home’s aesthetics. Whatever your architectural style, opt for windows that complement it. Picture windows, bay windows and sliding windows are a few popular styles that add charm to any space. 

Skipping Professional Installation

DIY might seem like a cost-saving measure, but window installations demand professional expertise. Letting an experienced professional handle your window installation can save you a lot of inconvenience. Professionals ensure proper sealing and prevention of drafts, enhancing your window’s longevity and performance. 

Ignoring Proper Measurements

Proper measurements are crucial. Ill-fitting picture windows for your home not only look unappealing. They also compromise the window’s functionality and your home’s energy efficiency. Professional window installers will take accurate measurements, ensuring the windows are just the right size. 

Choosing Low-Quality Windows

When choosing windows, you might be tempted to compromise quality for cost. However, investing in high-quality, durable windows saves you from frequent replacements and excessive long-term costs. 

Overlooking Frame Material

Frame material is just as important. It affects window performance and lifespan. Poor quality or low-grade frames can quickly decay, inviting pests and drafts. Choose high-grade material that offers high durability, optimum energy efficiency, design flexibility and resistance to shrinking and swelling. Also, consider your local climate and home design when choosing the frame material.

Not Getting Multiple Quotes

Don’t forget to get multiple quotes from multiple dealers to get the best deal. Getting multiple quotes can help you get the best deal. Don’t forget to look at options such as long-term warranties, service contracts and financing plans. Also, check the credentials and license of the professional you’re hiring.

Replacing your windows is all about making informed decisions. Avoid these pitfalls, and you’ll be on your way to beautiful and efficient new windows. For your window replacement needs, Renewal by Andersen of Houston is just a call away. Call us at (281) 547-6177, or fill out this contact form today to schedule a consultation