Lovely Effects of Small Windows on Modern Homes

Much has been said about the value of adding oversized windows to modern architecture. However, did you know those small units can also make your contemporary home stand out? When juxtaposed against large windows, tiny ones evoke focus and privacy. How can you incorporate small picture and casement windows to your modern home’s aesthetic? Renewal by Andersen® of Houston sheds further light on this matter.

Small Windows

Eclectic Façades

The normal front and back facades of contemporary homes feature expansive glass units for panoramic views and a large amount of sunlight. This type of window design can be refreshing to the eye. Small individual windows are instantly quaint elements. When placed thoughtfully, they bring a little twist to your home’s overall design, making your space more fascinating inside and out.

Eye-Catching Spots

When doing a window installation for a modern home, tiny glass units are eye-catching accents. They draw the eye of both passersby and guests. Strategically, you can position them in areas that you want people to focus on. Whether you want to spotlight vanity spots or subliminally highlight your façade’s center of interest, you can achieve either with petite window openings.

Peek and No Peek Zones

You should always incorporate function aside from aesthetic appeal. This is especially true when a modern home is in question. Different kinds of contemporary architecture, such as Industrial Modern, International Modern, and Miesian Modern, put a premium on purposeful components.

From a function standpoint, small windows can limit views or capture sceneries. Small square glass units, for example, can give an outdoor peek to your bathroom space without affecting privacy. They also provide adequate daylighting when you set them up high in the wall. In areas where natural illumination isn’t the issue, the presence of a small window offers a quick glimpse of the outside world.

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