How Our Window Glass Can Prevent Fading

Sunlight has many known benefits, but you can probably do without ultraviolet rays (UV) or at least, too much of it. UV fades window treatments, furniture and just about anything with color that gets in its way. Fortunately, we offer replacement windows that deflect UV rays, but first let us discuss ultraviolet radiation to understand the advantage of our windows.

How Our Window Glass Can Prevent Fading

The Effects of Ultraviolet Rays

Sunlight is composed of many bands of radiation, each band a different spectrum. Some of these spectra are visible, which is what we perceive as visible light, while others are invisible to the naked eye. Among the invisible parts, two are of interest: infrared light, which carries solar heat, and UV rays, the culprit behind fading color.

Anything with pigments, whether natural or man-made, carry some form of chromophores. These are light-absorbing bodies that use chemical bonds to “carry” colors. In the case of synthetic materials, chromophores are incorporated in dyes. UV rays have powerful bleaching properties, which damage chromophores, a process known as photodegradation. Plants remain vibrant because they constantly regenerate, but other materials are not as lucky.

Blocking UV Rays

As with all forms of light, a reflective surface can block UV rays. It’s easy to put some form of reflective coating or film on window glass, but this will also block natural light and make your indoors dark. The challenge is to selectively block UV and infrared rays while letting visible light through. Whether you choose to have sliding windows or bay windows, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of natural light through your windows.

Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows and patio doors feature dual-panel High-Performance™ Low-E4® window glass. Their low-emissivity coating can block UV rays without discernible effect on visible light. When combined with other features like superior energy efficiency and durability, you can expect to enjoy comfortable and colorful indoor living.

We would gladly share more about how our High-Performance Low-E4 window glass works on picture windows and other styles. Call Renewal by Andersen of Houston today at (281) 547-6177, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve Sugar Land, TX, and nearby areas in Texas.