Expert Tips on Turning Windows Into Focal Points

Experienced home designers would agree that windows are excellent space-enhancers. Their abilities to catch the sun, frame wonderful views and make small areas seem larger make them great focal points of rooms.

Expert Tips on Turning Windows Into Focal Points

Today, Renewal by Andersen® of Houston shares expert tips to turn your windows into the center of attention:

Go Big

There’s something about large glass units that draw the eye. They allow the gaze to wander farther and add more depth to your space. They can capture sunlight to brighten up otherwise gloomy rooms. If you live in a crowded neighborhood, then large, upstairs windows can capture panoramas.

Furnish Them

Placing seats next to double-hung and sliding windows can turn ordinary areas into social destinations. The best part is that you can surround these windows with outside furniture. Their operating sashes don’t protrude outwards, causing no interruptions to high-traffic places.

Come Up With Fresh Arrangements

Renewal by Andersen of Houston encourages you to play with different window combinations. Your home’s architecture provides a guideline regarding which units you can put together, but they’re merely suggestions. With the right execution, you can enrich the aesthetics of your home without ruining its curb appeal.

Make It Unique

Grouping picture windows can improve the look of a room, but certain occasions call for oddly shaped units. For instance, portholes are the perhaps the only windows that could seamlessly fit into short, narrow walls. Trapezoidal units make great clerestory windows for sloping roofs while a single octagonal unit can inject some personality into a characterless wall.

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