Ensure Daylight: Balanced Lighting with Window Management

We rely a lot on artificial lighting to see us through the day to day. Nevertheless, nothing will ever top the warmth and comfort that natural light brings. Katy, Texas residents live in one of the sunniest and brightest areas in America and have the biggest chance to make the most of the natural lighting they get.

Ensure Daylight: Balanced Lighting with Window Management

Renewal by Andersen® of Houston gives the best ways to manage your windows to bring in the most natural light.

Pick the right windows for the job.

If natural light is the goal, there are specific options for window replacement in Katy, TX, that fit the bill. Picture windows are the obvious option, as these will bring in the most light. Casement windows are also ideal because these have the breadth and openness of picture windows, but also open up to bring great ventilation.

Position these properly.

To enjoy balanced lighting in your home through windows, you will have to place them in areas where these will get the most sun. Good placement follows the east to west track of the sun. Positioning your picture or casement windows on walls facing these tracks will draw in the most amount of light at least a quarter of the day at a time.

Manage the amount of light drawn in.

When it comes to tailoring natural light for your needs, we recommend going for a window installation in Katy, Texas, that brings in the most light. Complement it with components that allow finer control of the amount of light when you need it. At Renewal by Andersen of Houston, we offer custom glazing that can filter and control the amount of glare and UV light that enters your home — a perfect combination with shade, blinds, and curtains.

Reap the benefits of daylight with the proper selection, placement, and positioning of your replacement windows. Give Renewal by Andersen of Houston a call at (281) 547-6177, and we will gladly work with you to help find the best natural lighting solution for your home.