Comparing Insert and Full-Frame Window Installation

Window replacement is something that you might need to pursue if you want to enhance the curb appeal and boost the overall value of your home. Fortunately, we at Renewal by Andersen® of Houston can do it for you.

Comparing Insert and Full-Frame Window Installation

For your new windows to perform at their best, they should be installed the right way. Based on our initial inspection of your existing windows, we will determine the installation method to employ during the project.

There are two window installation methods that we do here at Renewal by Andersen. Read further about them below to see their differences.

Insert Window Installation

Replacing a window doesn’t necessarily mean removing all of the window’s components. What we do during this type of installation is we use an insert window to replace your old one. This is the preferred course of action if we found that your old window sill and frame are still in good condition.

During the installation, we first remove the old sash and any interfering hardware or trim on the existing window frame. Any gap or pocket is insulated before the new insert window is set into the prepared opening. The other components remain in place until the installation is finished.

Full-Frame Window Installation

If you require full-frame installation, all of your existing window components are removed and installed with a new set, complete with sash and framing. We will most likely install a new window in your home this way if we find your existing window framing is irreparable.

A full-frame installation is also favored if we find that your window is already leaking air from the outside. Indeed, a new window installed in this method can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. We also resort to this method if an insert is not plausible.

Renewal by Andersen ensures that we follow a thorough process throughout the replacement project. From the professional consultation to the selection of window style to the finishing touches of the installation, you can be sure that you get the best out of your new windows.

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