Can Strong Winds Damage Window Seals?

Broken window seals can cause air and water leaks as well as condensation between the glass panels. Many people point to strong winds hitting the windows as one of the causes of broken window seals. Here are insights on whether or not strong winds cause damage to window seals.

homeowner reapplying caulk window installation

Types of Window Seals

Windows require seals in various parts. You’re probably already familiar with weatherstripping, which seals the gaps between the window sash and frame when the windows are closed and prevents air and water leaks. Another part is the transition between frame and trim or casing, which is sealed by caulking. The double- or triple-pane glass that comes with insulated windows are actually sealed assemblies. The spaces between glass panes need to be airtight to minimize thermal transfer and water leaks.

Does the Wind Cause Broken Window Seals?

Window seals are expected to get worn out over its service life. This is why a critical part of window care is inspecting the seals and replacing or reapplying them when worn-out seals are found. Window seals typically degrade faster on off-the-shelf windows and, therefore, will require regular inspections as they age.

Strong winds that hit exterior walls cause windows to rattle. Window seals tend to become brittle as they age, and, when hit by strong winds, the shock and vibration can cause cracking, resulting in pieces falling off. Window seals that retain their elasticity are more resistant to damage caused by vibrations. Window style can also be a factor. For example, casement windows have sashes that sit against the frame that make them less susceptible to vibration when hit by wind.

What Happens if the Seals Break?

The purpose of these seals is to prevent air and water from leaking through the windows. Air leaks, in particular, can lead to high utility bills because the more heat that infiltrates the room, the more output is needed from the air conditioning system. Seal failure around glass assemblies would defeat the purpose of having multiple glass panels and may result in condensation within.

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