Best Windows and Patio Doors for Houston’s Top Home Styles

Window and door units can help bridge the gap between form and function, reinforcing how a particular home style is designed to look and work.

Best Windows and Patio Doors for Houston’s Top Home Styles

In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Houston talks about the most suitable windows and patio doors for the Space City’s popular home styles:


Ranch homes are synonymous with large-glass units. But since narrow windows seem out of place in single-story houses, they’re often wider than they’re taller. Casement units are the most common style given that they’re ideal for egress purposes, but you can’t go wrong with sliding ones either. To save space, use sliding doors for your patio doors.

Craftsman Bungalow

Like ranch homes, Craftsman bungalows are low-rise structures that visually emphasize the home’s horizontal design. Double hung windows are often the style of choice fo this architecture. Casement units are a natural alternative, although they’re more of a necessity than an option in upstairs bedrooms to comply with fire codes. A pair of French doors with uninterrupted glass are good for this style as well.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne often have either double hung or bay windows. Bay windows and patio doors typically have interesting grille patterns.

American Foursquare

When replacing windows on your American Foursquare home, it’s a must to use big windows. Such units aren’t large on their own; they’re huge because they’re grouped together. Like other architectural designs that originated in the nineteenth century, this style does well with double hung units. But, you can also use casement windows in second-story rooms. To stay consistent with verticality, hinged patio doors are a safe bet.

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