Addressing Your Window Condensation Concerns in Winter

During winter, it’s not uncommon for condensation to form on windows. Although this happens when warm, moist air hits a cold surface, this is usually caused by excess humidity levels at home.

Window Condensation Concerns in Winter

The Causes Behind Window Condensation

It’s easy to think that having condensation and humidity on a window means your home is well-heated, but in truth, the condensation is a sign that warm air is being transferred out in exchange for cold air coming into your home. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern if you have modern windows, especially if they’re made by us. Our window products are more energy-efficient, so warm air won’t easily escape your home!

However, if you have single-pane windows, then you’ll see condensation forming more often, and it isn’t really efficient for your HVAC system. This is because the warm air keeps escaping through the old windows, and your system works harder to keep the indoor temperatures more comfortable. If you want to save more on your energy bill, have new windows installed by a trusted professional.

Dealing With Window Condensation

The ideal humidity levels for your home really varies from home to home, so, to determine this, you can purchase an inexpensive hygrometer at a hardware store. High humidity levels can cause a number of damaging and costly problems, such as stains on walls and ceilings, rot in wood windows, mold and mildew growth, buckling floors and peeling paint. That’s why it’s important to lower the level of indoor humidity to reduce condensation issues.

Increasing ventilation with regular use of exhaust fans helps allow moist air to escape your home. You can also open your windows if the weather’s ideal. If you’re not sure you have adequate ventilation in your attic, call in a professional roofer, and have it checked so you can be sure that the excess moisture can easily escape.

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