A Quick Guide to Understanding Hardware Finishes

A blemish on a clear surface is easy to spot because we tend to look for inconsistencies. So, when it comes to home design, even the smallest of details matter. The color of the ceiling should compliment the color of the furniture. Window trims should match the home siding. Everything should flow in harmony to achieve the highest aesthetic quality.

Well-designed homes tend to sell faster and for higher amounts. And, knowing the design requirements of your house can reduce your window replacement, door installation and other home improvement expenses.

Aside from picking the right color for your doors, texture for siding, type of windows and door trim, there is one particular detail that is often overlooked by many homeowners: hardware finishes.

So, to avoid this problem, you have to get a proper understanding of this aspect of home improvement.

1. Matte Black Hardware Finish 

This option combines traditional and modern designs. However, it’s a design that is hard to complement. Houses with grey tones, geometric designs and big windows can be a great match to matte black hardware finish.

2. Bright Brass Hardware Finish 

This hardware finish has a classic and elegant style, and is best for old home designs, such as Victorian, Colonial and English houses. Brass is comparably easier to complement with other fixtures and accessories.

3. Polished Nickel Hardware Finish 

This design was popularized during the Victorian Era. If you fancy bright accessories like glass, glossy furniture and polished surfaces, this hardware option is for you. Plus, it gives a sophisticated look to windows and doors because of its lacquered look.

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