5 Reasons to Choose Fibrex® Material Frames

One of the main reasons why our replacement windows in Houston, TX, are the most sought-after in the industry is because of our Fibrex® material frames. Made of reclaimed wood fibers and polymer, it combines the best features of traditional window frame materials, such as wood and vinyl. The following are its main features:

5 Reasons to Choose Fibrex® Material Frames

  1. Strong and stable – Wood remains a popular choice for window frame material. The right kind of wood, properly treated for moisture and insect resistance, is a favorite among homeowners and contractors alike. Fibrex offers the same strength, stability, and insulation properties. That means our Fibrex material frames are also great for use even in the harshest cold climates. You don’t have to worry about cracking, pitting, or corroding.

  2. Low maintenance – Fibrex material frames offer the same low-maintenance benefits of vinyl. It retains its strength and stability even after years of elements exposure.

  3. Energy-efficient – Fibrex material features superior insulation that, when paired with our  dual-glazed High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, will improve your home’s energy efficiency. Energy-efficient indoors help you save on your utility bills by reducing the need for interior heating and maintaining a stable interior temperature.

  4. Environmentally friendly – Fibrex material is made from sustainable sources. Manufacturers get the 40% wood fiber content from the Andersen Corporation’s processing facilities. Our production process produces as little waste as possible. This makes every single window replacement in Houston, TX, made with Fibrex material an ideal choice for helping the environment. This regard for sustainability has made Renewal by Andersen and our parent company the only window companies to receive Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage Gold™  certification for indoor air quality.

  5. Extremely durable – Fibrex material windows are a good long-term investment. In addition to their superior durability, we back all our replacement windows with one of the strongest limited warranties in the industry.

To learn more about our Fibrex or about our window styles like double hung windows in Houston, TX, call Renewal by Andersen of Houston today. You can reach us at (281) 547-6177 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with our team.