4 Signs It’s Time to Get New Windows

Beautiful and well-installed windows are a valuable asset to homeowners. These architectural elements increase the curb appeal of the property and ensure a comfortable living environment for the residents. However, there will come a time when even the highest quality of windows need to be replaced. Our expert installers share four telltale signs to watch out for below:

New Windows
  1. Drafts: Perhaps, the most obvious indication that your windows are failing to perform their intended function is the presence of drafts. When windows are drafty, the temperature-controlled air inside your house escapes while the untreated air outside leaks into the house. This compels your heating and cooling system to work overtime to reach the desired indoor temperature, eventually driving up your utility bills.
  2. Condensation: Condensation is another common reason why homeowners choose to update their windows. Moisture between the panes of glass means the window seal has failed. While in some cases you might be able to replace the affected panes by contacting the manufacturer for proper procedure, most times a window replacement will be required to fix the problem.
  3. Cracks: A cracked or broken frame may not seem like an alarming issue, it is still important to patch up the crack before it spreads. If cracks continue to develop over time, it may be time to opt for a full-on replacement. Similarly, fractured window panes need to be addressed – but make sure to do it as soon as possible as it can affect your home’s energy efficiency remarkably.
  4. Poor curb appeal: If your windows are outdated and shabby, they will not do good for your home’s curb appeal. By replacing these windows with new, say, custom-made windows, you will definitely see an improvement in the curb appeal and resale value of your home in no time.

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