4 Custom Window Design Ideas

While some people choose to alter stock products just to meet their home’s specific measurements, there’s nothing better than custom options to suit your unique needs. At Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, we understand that your replacement windows should adhere to your unique aesthetic and functional requirements.

4 Custom Window Design Ideas

To bring out the designer inside of you, Renewal by Andersen provides four great custom window ideas.

Go Large With Bay and Casement Windows

Large window installation suits those near the water. Having a bay window setup assures you of a spectacular view of the great outdoors while providing you with plenty of natural light. Adding casement windows, on the other hand, lets you benefit from the maximum ventilation these windows can provide.

Mix and Match, Tudor-Style

Tudor homes are renowned for being eclectic, so why not make the most of this style’s appeal? Adding diagonal grilles to your replacement windows will surely enhance their look. The diamond-like grille pattern will give your home a more refreshing look.

Black Is Back

Window replacement in the sunroom usually features a dominant white color to make the space seem brighter. While the profusion of glass can fill the area with sunshine, an overabundance of light can be harmful. That is why we recommend dark interior colors so your sunroom remains bright without having to deal with too much sunlight.

Peaked Units for the Facade

Transoms usually come in rectangles or round-top shapes, but an underutilized form is actually the pentagon. Peaked transoms can transform ordinary windows into some more unique.

Renewal by Andersen of Houston takes pride in allowing homeowners to customize their windows to meet their specific requirements. We also have high-quality double-hung, sliding and casement windows, among others, that are not only beautiful, but functional as well. Call us at (281) 547-6177. We serve Texas residents, including those in Katy, TX.