4 Benefits of Neutral Colors For Your Patio Door

What do gray, cream, black, white, and brown colors have in common? They are all neutral colors. Also called earth tones, these colors don’t appear in the color wheel as they are described as hues that appear to be without color or simply unsaturated. They seem to look boring as they are not striking enough, but most types of home furniture, including windows and doors, are manufactured in these colors.

Patio Door

In case you are wondering if neutral colors are a really good choice for your home, take a look at the following benefits:

Relaxing to the eyes

Neutral colors in your home won’t distract your eyes when you look at them. This is because these colors are in the middle of warm and cool. You can move your eyes from one area of your home to another as they blend in with the overall design. Beige, for instance, helps create a warm, welcoming feeling in your home. Most residential properties incorporate neutral colors in the design and furniture. It lends an inviting quality to entryways, foyers, or living rooms.

Safe for decoration

When you feel like experimenting with your home decoration, but you don’t like bold colors too much, you can always trust neutral colors. Interior designers usually suggest including neutral colors because they act as a foundation for decoration. Shopping for curtains, bed covers, chairs, and tables for a room with light gray walls will be a breeze. Just think of complementary colors.

The same rule applies to door replacement. You may also try going for a door color that has the temperature opposite to the walls. If you are not quite sure which door color suits your house, you can always ask our team during our free inspection.

Always in style

Neutrals will never go out of style, probably because these colors are already considered staples of design. To save on remodeling costs, use neutral colors on areas or items you won’t be replacing often. Beige, Ivory, Brown, and Gray can be used on houses with either classic or contemporary design. Some examples of combinations that you can have for decades include charcoal gray walls with cream furniture and linens and ivory walls with brown or tan pieces or vice versa.

Increase resale value

Your chances of getting buyers are higher with timeless neutrals. Conservative homeowners are more drawn to white or gray patio doors than to striking colors. With Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, we offer doors and windows in neutral colors with hardware in complementary colors. Repainting will be less required if the house is already designed to accommodate different furniture pieces. A property that allows opportunities for new designs is most likely going to be purchased immediately.

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