3 Home Improvements to Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in your home is all about keeping heat where you need it and lowering your dependence on artificial climate control. You can achieve both of these with smart home improvement investments. Renewal by Andersen® of Houston looks at three projects that you can do today that will boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient window

Project 1: Windows for Illumination

The great thing about picture windows is that they bring in a lot of natural light. Because they are fixed and inoperable, they also prevent drafts from seeping into your home. This makes picture windows the most energy-efficient window option today.

Project 2: Windows for Ventilation

Casement and double-hung windows in Houston, TX, are great ventilation option because they let fresh air in and circulate out stale air. While many ventilating windows leak energy, Renewal by Andersen of Houston offers replacement windows that seal up tightly so they remain energy-efficient. For the best of both worlds, combine picture windows with ventilating windows.

Project 3: Patio Doors for Both

Our patio doors feature wide panes of glass, letting you maximize both illumination and ventilation in the common areas of your home. Moreover, these doors feature the energy-efficient characteristics of all windows and doors from Renewal by Andersen of Houston. Our patio doors make a good investment.

With door and window replacement in Houston, TX, you too can transform your home into a money-saving, energy-efficient haven. This will also maximize your comfort. Call Renewal by Andersen of Houston at (281) 547-6177 for all your door and window needs. We’ll even start you off with a free estimate.