The Worst Choices You Can Make During Window Replacements

Replacing those old, dated windows in your home may seem like a straightforward task. However, it’s easy to stumble into common pitfalls if you’re not careful. To ensure you don’t fall into the same traps as others, let’s dive into the worst decisions homeowners often make when replacing windows in this post by window experts from Renewal by Andersen® of Houston.

Worst Choices You Can Make During Window Replacements

Choosing the Cheapest Option

Replacing your windows isn’t a decision to take lightly, so don’t fall into the trap of just going for the cheapest option. Remember, the price often reflects the quality. Saving a few bucks upfront might cost you more in the long run if the windows aren’t correctly installed, or the materials aren’t up to par.

Not Getting Multiple Quotes

Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare quotes from multiple contractors. Having several estimates gives you a better understanding of the overall cost of replacing your windows. Plus, it’ll give you some situational awareness of what services you may or may not need.

Ignoring Energy Efficiency

The wrong windows can cause your energy bills to skyrocket due to air drafts and poor insulation. When getting a window replacement choose windows with high energy efficiency ratings. Fibrex® windows, for example, are incredibly energy efficient and they have an average lifespan of 35+ years. 

Skipping Professional Installation

You might think you’ll save some money by installing your new windows yourself, but this can easily backfire. Professional window installers can handle unforeseen issues and will ensure quality installation. Plus, they will have access to better materials and tools which will increase the lifespan of your windows.

Not Considering Window Style

Another common mistake is not considering aesthetics when replacing your windows. Your windows can make a significant impact on your home’s overall look. For example, double hung windows are popular because of their classic, timeless aesthetic while also offering easy ventilation.

Replacing windows requires careful planning and the right professionals for the job. If you need help with window replacement in Houston, TX, the experts at Renewal by Andersen of Houston are just a call away. Call us at (281) 547-6177 or fill out this contact form today to schedule a consultation!