Should You Get Grilles for Your Windows?

“Grilles or no grilles?” This has been asked over and over again by homeowners looking to invest in replacement windows. If you find yourself asking the same question, know that your decision will depend on several factors. 

Grilles for Your Windows

Home Architecture

Whether or not you should get window grilles will depend on your home’s architectural style. If you live in a colonial-style or any traditional home, grilles on windows make sense because they help highlight its overall look and even achieve historical accuracy. However, if you live in a contemporary home, window grilles aren’t necessary. Such an architectural style, after all, has elements that evoke a sleek, modern look and an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Outdoor Views

Another factor to consider is the view that you see outdoors. If you own a home that’s surrounded by interesting vistas, windows without grilles are beneficial. This way, you can enjoy the sunset, cityscape or an outdoor element that your windows are framing. However, if you’re looking at a neighbor’s home or any boring view from your double-hung windows, you’ll be better off adding grilles to them to serve as a distraction.

Window Grille Choices

At Renewal by Andersen® of Houston, our team of window professionals can help you with your design choices. We offer an exceptional selection of replacement windows which you can customize with grille patterns that can highlight your home’s overall look. Prairie style, for instance, features two horizontal bars per sash, forming four-inch squares at the corners. Colonial style allows you to pick how many squares your new windows will have.

Turn to our window replacement professionals to guide you in designing the best windows for your home. Call us now at (281) 547-6177, or fill out our contact form for a free consultation. We serve homeowners in and around Houston, TX.