Getting More Natural Light Into Your Home: Tips and Tricks

While it’s convenient to have artificial lighting in your home, you should always try to make use of natural light as much as possible during the daytime. It provides your indoors with a rich, full-spectrum hue that artificial lighting can’t reproduce and helps boost your overall productivity. It also keeps you from being too dependent on artificial lighting, which means less energy consumption and, therefore, lower energy bills each month

Getting More Natural Light Into Your Home

Here are a few helpful tips to get more natural light into your home.

Switch to a Lighter Interior Color Palette

Painting your walls and ceilings in lighter colors is one of the easiest ways to add more natural light. White and other light colors reflect about 80% to 90% of natural light. In fact, pure white has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of up to 100%. Even as the brightest color in the spectrum, you don’t have to settle for pure white if that’s not what you’re aiming for in your interior design. You choose other shades of white or other light colors and still benefit from having more natural light in your home.

Consider Skylights and Bigger Windows

Adding skylights to your hallways is a great way to increase more natural light in your home. You can also consider adding one in your kitchen or bathroom to achieve the same purpose. With the right placement, they can provide more consistent natural light since they’re less likely to be blocked or shadowed by outdoor objects. You can also upgrade to bigger windows, especially if your current ones are nearing the end of their effective lifespan.

Trim Back Overhanging Branches and Shrubs

Any shrubs or branches near your windows can prevent some of the natural light from coming through, so make sure to give them a proper trim. Doing this not only lets in more natural light, but also helps cut down on the accumulated moisture in your home. Otherwise, overgrown landscaping can become too expensive to trim and even cause more damage to your home during severe weather.

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