3 Common Signs of Window Seal Failure

There are many things that can affect your windows’ performance, but seal failure is probably the most serious of them. You’ll know your existing windows have this issue because the telltale signs will be fairly obvious. We share some of these signs here.

Window Seal Failure

1. Condensation between the panes: Fog or ‘sweat’ forming on your windows is normal. You’ll notice this happening more frequently during summer, when there’s a marked difference in temperature between your home interior and the outdoors. But condensation is natural only when the fogging occurs on the surface of the window glass. If there’s condensation between the panes, it can only mean the windows’ seals have already been compromised.

2. Distortion on the window glass: To maintain thermal performance, an inert gas – usually argon or krypton – fills the space between the glass of double pane windows. But when the window seals fail, this same gas will leak out and leave the glass bowed in the middle. Try to compare your reflection between the window with the broken seal and other windows in your home. Seal failure is confirmed when your reflection appears distorted or warped in one window as compared to the others.

3. Higher energy costs: Have you noticed that your energy bills appear to be higher than what’s expected this season? Window seal failure might be the culprit. That’s because broken window seals allow excess outdoor heat to transfer into your home, causing your air conditioner to work overtime and spend more energy in the process. 

If you’ve detected seal failure in your windows, make sure to have them replaced immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at higher utility bills in the near future. Renewal by Andersen® of Houston can help you take on this window upgrade. We’ll identify which and how many windows in your home have broken seals, and walk you through our wide selection of quality replacement options. 

Renewal by Andersen windows are made of Fibrex®, a revolutionary material that combines wood’s superior strength and insulating value with vinyl’s low-maintenance performance. When closed, these windows keep a durable, airtight seal that prevents significant energy loss. Their performance is further augmented with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass. Its advanced glazing and argon gas blend allow for replacement windows that can effectively keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter – all while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

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