Improving Home Energy Efficiency: How New Windows Help

Energy-efficient windows drive down your heating and cooling costs by reducing air leakage. It uses seals that help keep air from passing through cracks or gaps between window frames and other advanced designs. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Houston will discuss how new windows lower your energy bills.

Improving Home Energy Efficiency

Lower Utility Bills 

New window technologies help lower monthly electric bills. Window products can introduce efficient insulation, keep warm air indoors during winter and block out hot outdoor temperatures in summer. 

Increased Interior Comfort

New windows have improved insulation that screens sound barriers against external noise pollution. This makes them useful if you live near busy streets or highways where traffic sounds could be an issue. Well-insulated windows have quieter nights with increased comfort overall. Furthermore, they allow more natural light into rooms while keeping harmful UV rays out. 

Better Indoor Air Quality                        

Good insulation from new windows improves indoor air quality. Thanks to its multi-layer design and tight seals around frames, pollen and dust mites cannot enter through gaps, reducing the entry of allergens that cause various respiratory issues.

Improved Home Value

New windows can increase your home’s value. Potential buyers can see the value of cost savings associated with lower utility bills and appreciate the fact that your house has been outfitted with modern energy-saving technology. Highlight these features to increase your property sale price.

Better Warranties

Your old windows’ warranties have probably expired. New window products have well-defined warranties protecting you from any major product defects upon arrival and installation.

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