7 Blunders Expert Window Installers Never Make

Window replacement isn’t just about picking the prettiest windows and placing them on wall openings. A good window installer knows there’s a lot riding on the job. In this post by Renewal by Andersen® of Houston are some common mistakes experts don’t make when installing new windows.

Blunders Expert Window Installers

1. Incorrect Measurements

It may seem elementary, but getting the measurement right is crucial. Amateur installers may sometimes overlook this detail. Wrong measurements can lead to ill-fitting windows, causing leaks and drafts. Good window installers will ensure precision in every measurement.

2. Using Poor Quality Materials

The saying “you get what you pay for” is entirely accurate for doors and window installations. Cheaper isn’t always better. Skimping on quality might save you now, but it will hurt you in the long run. Good window installers know this and prioritize using high-quality materials that will hold up for years.

3. Improper Alignment and Leveling

Proper alignment and leveling are critical for getting a good fit and ensuring the window opens and closes correctly. It’s not a task you should take lightly, as it’s easy to get wrong. Professional installers understand the importance of precision in window and door replacement, which is why they’ll take the time to ensure proper adjustment.

4. Poorly Sealing the Window

This is perhaps the most critical step in window installation. If done incorrectly, you are compromising the structural integrity of your investment. Poorly sealed windows are more susceptible to leaks. Good window installers will ensure that the window seals properly upon completion.

5. Ignoring Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency isn’t just a green buzzword. It’s about reducing energy costs and increasing comfort in your home. Some installers might prioritize appearance over functionality. However, professional window installers understand that energy efficiency plays a significant role in the long-term value of your investment.

6. Rushing the Job

Good window installers know that taking a measured, methodical approach is the best way to ensure success. Time is important, but rushing a job leaves too much room for error. Professional window installers will prioritize quality workmanship and take the time to do the job correctly.

7. Inadequate Cleanup

Good window installers understand the importance of cleaning up after the job’s completed. With the right tools, it shouldn’t take too long to cut down on the mess. But some installers may put this aspect on the back burner, leaving customers with clutter to clean up later. Competent window installers will never commit such a blunder.

Installing windows requires expertise and precision, a job best left to the experts. For top-notch professional window and door installation, Renewal by Andersen of Houston is the name to call. Call us at (281) 547-6177, or fill out this contact form today to schedule a consultation!