Matching Siding Color and Window Trims: A Guide

Whether you’re just building a home or doing an overhaul, it is always critical to ensure all your fixtures match the same aesthetic. Various design concepts and styles are available, so it could be overwhelming for people to ensure they are doing the right thing to get the job done, especially on your home exterior. Here are some tips on how you can match your siding and window trims with ease today.

Matching Siding Color and Window Trims
  • Use matching and contrasting colors. If you want to give your home a classic look, choose matching colors for your doors, windows, siding and the trim work around the siding’s edges. After all, this approach works well for the entire exterior. However, you can accentuate the best features of your home by using contrasting hues.
  • Use trim colors wisely. You should be more careful of your selection if you are planning to use at least two exterior colors in your home. To achieve a harmonious home exterior look, use the darkest shade on your first floor, the medium shade on the second floor and the lightest on the third floor. This method can help keep your house from looking too heavy on the top. 
  • Consider the style of your home. Remember that if you choose to go with a plain siding color, you can use adorned windows for added appeal.
  • Add shutters. A window shutter is a solid window covering vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Installing shutters is a great way to add style, texture and color to a house. While shutters usually contrast with the siding and match the front door’s color, this rule can be broken as with any design principle. Just make sure the house still looks attractive to the casual observer, especially if you plan to list your home down the line.

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