How We Keep Your Sliding Glass Doors Safe and Secure

How many architectural magazines or websites have you browsed through where a beautifully designed home also has an outdoor living? Patios, verandas and porches have become quite a trend in recent years, and while they are terrific to have, they’re also security weaknesses.

How We Keep Your Sliding Glass Doors Safe and Secure

In 2015, the FBI reported almost eight million property crimes in the United States. Even with top-notch security and a more or less secure neighborhood, your home can still be a target, more so if you have sliding glass patio doors. We eliminate this concern with the below security features.

Securing the Latches With Locks

Burglars often prefer breaking in through patio doors because of how easy it is to bypass their locking mechanism. Renewal by Andersen® of Houston recognizes the possible dangers of a weak patio door security and has come up with a line of locks that are, by far, ahead of the curve.

  • Sliding patio doors are secured by a patented Andersen® Gliding lock designed to maintain a tight weatherproof seal while enhancing security. Auxiliary foot locks are also available as an additional security measure for gliding doors.

  • Hinged doors are held secure by a five-point locking system that allows for maximum protection from potentially dangerous elements.

Reinforcing the Vulnerabilities in Glass

A major drawback for most people is that glass is often seen as a weak point in a home. It’s true that glass can easily be broken, but this does not necessarily mean a security threat. Many people install glass-break detectors in their doors that sound an alarm when the glass is broken. In fact, an anonymous interview with a former burglar by WPTV shows that the mere presence of advanced security systems is enough to “make him go to the next house.”

Renewal by Andersen uses impact-resistant, film-coated glass that doesn’t shatter when broken. Designed for hurricane scenarios, our quality glass doors are the perfect foil to any would-be burglar’s plan.

Explore more possibilities for home security with our window and door replacement options by giving Renewal by Andersen of Houston a call today. You can reach us at (281) 547-6177 to schedule an in-home consultation. Our services are available in Spring, TX, and nearby areas.