Expert Q and A about Classic French Doors

French doors in Spring, TX, are ideal investments for your outdoor recreational spaces. The added glass door lets you maximize the natural light that goes into your home. Renewal by Andersen of Houston answers your frequently asked questions about this door style:

French Doors

What are French doors?

French doors are essentially bigger window units. Due to aesthetic concerns plus reliability on natural daylighting, manufacturers expanded the glass on windows, eventually leading to French doors.

Unlike typical front doors, French doors traditionally come in pairs. Homeowners generally favor them for yards and patios. Over time, security options for this door style improved, so some homeowners used them as an entry door option.

What are the benefits of French doors?

The aforementioned benefit of getting more natural light is a selling point for many homeowners. This results in more energy savings and added sense of space because it creates a visual bridge between your indoors and outdoors. In addition, French doors help create a wider entrance, which ensures easy access to your recreational spaces.

When you get a Renewal by Andersen French door replacement in Spring, Texas, you further benefit from its energy-efficient features. It comes with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass. This filters as much as 95% of harmful UV and infrared rays while letting through as much visible light as clear glass does. Our glass option lets you enjoy natural daylight without requiring additional indoor cooling.

What makes French doors different from other doors?

The most distinct feature is the glass panels divided by grilles. They give French doors a traditional look. It can also create a sense of visual unity when you choose grilles similar to that of the existing windows. French doors also swing open, whether inward or outward.

Where can I install French doors?

French doors are ideal in providing access to outdoor living spaces such as gardens, patios, and balconies. If you’re concerned about privacy, we also offer exceptional security hardware.

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