Designing Your Patio Doors the Aesthetically Smart Way

To design the perfect patio doors is to treat them not just as utilitarian pieces. They can embody your artistic expressions, enhance your home experience, and define your space inside and out.

Patio Doors

Tick all the right boxes in the beauty department. Renewal by Andersen® of Houston shares sound door replacement tips to meet your aesthetic requirements:

Photograph Scenic Views

Turn your expansive glass doors into a picture frame by capturing marvelous panoramas. Our advanced Low-E4® glass is highly energy-efficient but doesn’t affect visible light clarity and color. In other words, our innovative glazing solution lets your patio doors frame vibrant landscapes.

We recommend converting other portions of your solid wall into glass units. With picture windows or transoms, you can take large snapshots of the outside world. You can introduce more of Mother Nature into your interior, enhancing the look and feel of your space.

Tie Elements Together

Your patio doors should be a part of the big picture. Although they should shine on their own, they must complement your home décor, or else their presence would only create a jarring effect. To pick an appropriate hue, hardware finish, and grille pattern, find cues from existing interior and exterior elements.

At Renewal by Andersen of Houston, we offer a huge array of decorative options to help you customize your patio doors your way. We offer a number of frame colors, including stainable, real wood interiors. Our Estate Collection™ of hardware gives you access to eight attractive metal finishes. We specialize in numerous grille designs to lend distinctive details to your units and make them symbolic of your architecture.

With plenty of design options at your disposal, you have significant latitude to make your doors harmonize with the rest of your home.

Make Every Inch of Floor Space Count

Our hinged French door design may provide a traditional vibe, but our sliding varieties inject a modern appeal. Our sliding French and contemporary glass doors are space-saving, allowing you to maximize your available real estate for better liveability. If you’re switching from the usual inswing or outswing doors to sliding ones, the extra usable square footage you’d get is a welcome development.

As the authority in Texas patio door replacement, hiring us for your project in Spring, TX, makes it already halfway successful before we even start. Call Renewal by Andersen of Houston today at (281) 547-6177 for your FREE, in-home consultation. We’ll be happy to schedule our initial meeting at your most convenient day and time.