4 Ways to Use Patio Doors as Key Design Elements

Patio doors are more than just mere openings. In fact, with the right selection of style, placement, and your own personal taste, patio doors can be made into a key piece of your home’s overall design.

Key Design Elements

Consider the following ways you can use your patio doors to improve your home’s aesthetics:

  1. Frame a wide view – Framing nice views are typically done through picture windows or other window styles with large glass areas, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same with your patio doors. In fact, when you want to combine a panoramic view with easy accessibility, patio doors are the ideal choice. We recommend choosing Renewal by Andersen® sliding doors with unintrusive grille designs—or choose no grilles at all.

  2. Emphasize height – Tall patio doors can emphasize your interior’s height. When combined with tall fixed windows on high ceiling homes, like on Farmhouse or Mountain architecture, it creates a cathedral-like feel, even on moderate-sized homes, and a unique look for your home, inside and out. And when you can choose different door replacement frame finishes like you can with Renewal by Andersen, creating distinct interior and exterior visual identities is easier.

  3. Let more natural light in – Another advantage of bigger glass areas is the abundance of natural light. In addition to making your indoors look cheerful and welcoming, increased natural light reduces your reliance on electrical lighting, which can help reduce your energy consumption. Also, several studies have proven that abundant indoor natural lighting has several health benefits, including promoting natural sleep cycles and reducing stress. If you’re worried whether the increased sunlight will fade your indoor furnishings, our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass options can reflect as much as 95% of harmful UV rays with minimal effect on the amount of natural light.

  4. Add a sense of mystery – Perhaps you want it the other way around and add a sense of mystery and intrigue to your home, where the interior reveals itself as your guests explore your home. Patio doors can form that crucial mysterious first impression with the combination of tastefully chosen frame finishes, grille styles, and window treatments.

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