4 Signs Your Door Needs to be Replaced

When doing a home improvement project, many homeowners tend to neglect the front door. What many of them don’t realize is that the door is as important as any part of the house. It gives us protection from extreme weather conditions and from burglars. Therefore, it only makes perfect sense to make sure that the door is always in good shape. Otherwise, it could put your safety and security at risk.

But how can you tell if your door needs to be replaced? Good thing there are certain signs that will tell you that you need a door replacement. Some of them are discussed below.


You’ll know if there is something wrong with your door if you feel an unpleasant chill in your house. The reason a door gets drafty is that there are cracks on the door or the door itself no longer fits properly in the frame. If left unattended, you could suffer from high energy bills.


As stated earlier, cracks cause drafts. However, that is not the only problem that you may encounter if your door has cracks. Your family’s safety can be in danger, as well. If you want to guarantee your family’s security, you need to get a door replacement in Spring, Texas immediately.

Squeaky Joints

The squeaky sound coming from your door is not only annoying. It’s also an indication that there is something wrong with your door. If your door begins to make a squeaky sound, you need to apply some grease to the hinges to solve the issue temporarily. But if the hinges are starting to fall apart, you should hire a professional to fix or replace your door with a new one.

Scraping Sound

When you open and close the door, you should never hear a scraping sound. If you do, you need to inspect your door and see if there is warping or sagging. Also, you should check the tracks since there are times that the scraping sound is coming from this area.

These are just some of the indications that you need a door replacement. Whether you are looking for French or patio doors in Spring, TX, we at Renewal by Andersen can give you the high-quality doors that you need. Just like our windows, our doors are made of Fibrex to make sure that your entryway will last longer. Call us at (281) 547-6177 today.