Top 4 Window Problems to Watch Out For in Houston

Your windows should be able to provide your home with ample light, warmth, and ventilation. Of course anything in excess could be bad for your home. Is your home letting in too much light and warmth? Then that could mean higher temperatures indoors and higher amounts of UV radiation getting into your home. Do you feel draft even when the windows are closed? Then that could mean your windows are letting in too much air from the outside.

Are you experiencing other problems with your windows? Here are the top window problems you need to look out for:

  1. Inoperable Windows – If your windows can’t stay open or closed, then they fail one of the basic functions of any window.
  2. Rotted/Rusting Frames – If your frames are deteriorated by rot or rust, this may break the seal and compromise your home’s insulation.
  3. Leaking – This may be the reason your frames were rotted or rusted in the first place. This could also cause water damage and could allow excess moisture to enter the home.
  4. Broken Glass – the same rotted/rusted frames, this could cause cool air from inside of the house to leak out, while allowing excess heat to enter the home.

If your windows exhibit any of these problems, it’s going to cost you more in the long run; both in repairs and in utility bills. That being said, have you considered window replacement in Houston TX?

If you have considered getting those troublesome windows repaired, make sure you’re getting top quality windows that won’t exhibit any of those problems for years to come.

Renewal by Andersen® can help you out in this regard, because our windows are not likely to give you any of those problems. How? Our windows are designed with the advanced technology that makes it superior in performance and durability.

With Fibrex®, an advanced composite material, our frames are designed with durability in mind. This material is designed never to rot, rust, corrode or fade. This prevents problems with opening/closing, rotting/rusting and leaking. Our various window styles including awning, picture and double hung windows in Houston TX, incorporate this material in their frames.

Don’t settle for windows that exhibit any of the problems in this article. Doing so might cost you more in the long run. For more information on top quality windows in Houston, contact Renewal by Andersen today.