How To Make Your Home Comfortable With New Windows

In Houston, Texas, climate is basically humid subtropical, characterized with high temperatures during summers. However, as an effect of global warming, extremities of weather systems are being experienced. Consequently, government is taking actions, according to

According to the IPCC report, emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases grew faster between 2000 and 2010 than over the previous three decades. That disturbing statistic is despite real progress being made in some parts of the world. In Germany, for example, Chancellor Angela Merkel has laid out a plan to fill more than 40 percent of her nation’s energy needs from renewable sources. The United States has reduced its carbon emissions by nearly 10 percent since 2005, in part because of stricter automobile fuel economy standards but also because of the lingering recession. Progress, though, pales in contrast to the increase in emissions by China and other rapidly industrializing countries.

Apparently, this extreme heat has negative effects to us like bringing in discomfort to our Texan homes. To give solution to that, companies from different industries are now manufacturing products such as windows in Houston TX that are energy efficient and environmental friendly – like Renewal by Andersen.

Window replacement in Houston TX is a sure way to remedy your uneasiness brought about by high temperatures. Renewal by Andersen offers products that have energy efficient features:

  • Low-E4 SmartSun glass saves 70% more energy efficient in summer and 45% more energy efficient in winter.
  • Fibrex composite material has an insulating property wood and low maintenance.

Energy efficient windows from Renewal by Andersen can let the light in while keeping the heat out. With the combination of Low-E4 glass and Fibrex, the temperature inside your home would be regulated. And you wouldn’t need to turn your cooling units frequently. As a result, your electricity bills would be lowered to up to 40%.

Replace your windows today for long-term comfort brought to you only by Renewal by Andersen.