3 Tips to Select the Best Energy-Saving Windows

Selecting a window style for your home can be difficult, but selecting the best energy-saving windows can be even more of a challenge. Before making a purchase, you have to check performance and ratings first. Here are some helpful guidelines that you can follow to choose the most energy-efficient windows.

  1. Assess the Windows

Window assessment is a necessary step for your window replacement in Katy, TX, to be successful. Check the panes, the frame material and the glass used. Details such as energy performance ratings are important to know what kind of windows you should install.

  1. Look for the NFRC Label

Windows should have a National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label on them. This will tell you all about a window’s energy performance, such as U-value and SHGC (or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). The U-value rating indicates how well a window insulates. The SHGC indicates how well a window blocks heat from the sun. Visible Transmittance (VT) is the amount of light that passes through a window.

  1. Check for an ENERGY STAR® Label

This label shows a product meets or even exceeds strict standards for energy efficiency set by the Department of Energy. Manufacturers use advanced technologies to make windows that qualify for the ENERGY STAR label.

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