3 Top Window Styles to Consider for Your Home Upgrade – Part 1: The Versatile Double-Hung Window

Having trouble deciding which window style to choose for your home upgrade? If you’re still trying to find the right window style, why not go back to the basics and choose the simple yet functional double-hung window.

The Versatile Double-Hung Window

What is a Double-Hung Window?

Double-hungs are among the most versatile window styles you can find in the market today. You can install them pretty much anywhere in the home, including your living room, kitchen, bedroom and, yes, even your bathroom. This window style also works well with virtually any architectural style and color scheme.

As the most common window style in the U.S., double-hung windows feature two sashes that slide up and down, one over the other. Thanks to their innate versatility, you can open the upper sash, the bottom sash, or both at the same time. Additionally, you can combine three or more double-hung windows to create a bow window or install two double-hungs to flank a picture window if you’re aiming to have a bay window set.

Double-Hung Window Benefits

As mentioned earlier, double-hung windows are versatile, suiting a wide array of home styles, from classic Victorian houses to the contemporary properties of today. Additionally, they also offer:

  • Superior Ventilation – Both sashes of a double-hung window are operable, allowing for increased air circulation that improves your home’s overall ventilation. This makes double-hungs the perfect addition to areas that can benefit from optimized airflow, such as your kitchen or bathroom.


  • Reliable Safety – Double-hungs are also among the safest window options out there because their sashes don’t swing out. This means zero chances of accidentally hitting a person or object in the way of a sash. For this reason, they can be installed near patios, decking and walkways.



  • Maintenance Ease – Newer double-hung windows today are designed to tilt in, allowing you to clean the window from inside your home. They also don’t require specialized care to keep performing well, helping you keep maintenance costs down as well.



Double-hungs have a lot to offer, but so do sliding windows. Learn more about the latter in Part 2 of this blog series!