Windows for Every Room in Your Home

Windows can set the mood for your home. For instance, a bay window in your bedroom can add a classic feel to your home. On the other hand, a picture window can invoke a modern vibe, especially when you have a contemporary home.

So, how do you select the right window for every room of your home?

Living Room

To create a more inviting vibe, consider installing floor-to-ceiling picture windows. The large expanse of glass also allows plenty of sunlight into your living room. This can also help enhance your home’s energy efficiency through natural illumination.


Bay windows have a unique curve that allows homeowners to maximize their living area. The extra space, for example, may be used as a lounging area or a reading nook. Indeed, a little creativity is needed to make the most of your bay windows.


Double hung windows are a great option for bathrooms since they help promote proper ventilation in these areas. Window sizing and placement, however, is an important factor, especially considering privacy.


Similar to bathrooms, kitchens need operable windows to allow air to circulate in the interior and eliminate the food smell when cooking. Hence, casement windows may be a smart choice when installing new windows to your kitchen.

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