Window Options for Great Views

Your home may have one of the best views in all of Houston, but small and insignificant windows won’t frame it properly. Excellent weather protection and energy savings aside, windows are also there to provide the simplest of functions. These should allow you to gaze at the outdoors while inside your own home.

Window Options for Great Views

The right windows will allow you to maximize your viewing area—a fact that Renewal by Andersen® of Houston knows well. As your top choice for window replacement in Houston, TX, we’ll help you pick the best window options to go for.

  • Picture Windows

A picture-perfect view deserves a picture window to accentuate it. Picture windows feature a large expanse of glass in a minimal frame for your viewing pleasure. These windows are more durable than other options, as these have no movable parts to break. This in turn saves you money for replacement parts. Their airtight seal also eliminates the potential for energy loss.

  • Casement Windows

The case about casement windows in Houston, TX, is that these also offer an extensive view of your surroundings even with their more small-scale design. Recent innovations did away with the bulky frames in favor of sleeker models, allowing these to fit in compact spaces like kitchen sinks and counters. Casement windows also have a wide glass surface area to let in plenty of natural light. You can also open them fully, or angle them to direct breezes in your home.

  • Sliding Windows

The middle ground between casement and picture, sliding windows make for excellent viewing, and allows smoother operation. Keep in mind that these only open halfway. Still, this window option can help you slide the stress away as you watch the vast, blue Texan sky through it.

These windows can benefit you more if you know how to use them. Invest in larger, custom windows instead of smaller ones. This visually connects your indoor and outdoor space better. Placement also plays a large part in this. Angle your windows so that they provide a great view and block unsightly elements out without compromising your own privacy. Another smart move is using these same windows for your security. You’ll see if someone is approaching your home, while also allowing you to supervise your children while they play outside.

Turn to Renewal by Andersen of Houston to maximize your home’s viewing area. With our casement, sliding, and picture windows, we’ll also ensure increased energy saving and weather protection for your home. Call us today at (281) 547-6177 for a free in-home consultation.