Window Defects Commonly Found During Home Inspections

Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or just want to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the winter season, you’ll need to have your windows professionally inspected. Only an experienced window replacement contractor will know how to spot and address the common defects found in windows, such as:

Home Inspections

Damaged or Missing Window Glazing

Glazing is the putty material that seals the edges of an older glass pane and keeps it airtight and stable. Putty is soft and pliable in its raw form and makes a great seal as it hardens over time to keep the glass secure. It can also crack and chip out eventually, and leave gaps around the glass for air to leak. You might be thinking about using caulk or silicone to repair missing putty, but it’s better to have it done by a professional to ensure it’s done correctly.

Sealed/Clogged Window Weeps

Casement windows sometimes have weeps (tiny holes at the bottom of the window frame) to keep water from building up inside while keeping the drafts outside. Many homeowners aren’t also aware that weeps are important to keep windows healthy, so it’s common to find a buildup of debris or caulk sealing the tiny holes. When your weeps are clogged or sealed, this prevents the windows from draining and will lead to rot and rust.

Condensation/Fog Between Your Multi-Paned Windows

Multi-pane windows consist of two or more panes of glass and are usually sandwiched with gas inside for better insulation. When they’re intact, multi-pane windows resist thermal transfer. However, if the perimeter seal breaks, the gas escapes and leads to condensation. If you’re already having foggy windows, then you may already have a broken window seal, which can be very inefficient for your home. Be sure to have it fixed by a professional as soon as possible.

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