Will Window Replacement Projects Leave Your Home Messy?

While the results of a window replacement can be very rewarding, the process of getting there is often described as invasive and messy. Like many home improvement projects, replacing a window is a construction job. This means that contractors will likely bring materials and equipment into your home, making it look chaotic and disorganized.

In most cases, the bulk of the mess during a window replacement happens while the job is being carried out. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take precautions to keep your home dirt-free during the construction. 

Protective Covers

Some styles of windows like casement windows require installing hinged sashes to ensure operability. This can leave behind drywall particles on the floor and over the surfaces of nearby furniture. Contractors will often use drop cloths to keep any debris contained during the replacement, but you can take this a step further by using large sheets of cloth or tarp to protect the couch, tables and other items that may end up covered in construction dust.

Preparing the Work Area

The day before the contractors are set to arrive, clear any large items and pieces of furniture away from the work site as much as possible. Place them temporarily in a room separate from where the window replacement will take place. This provides the crew more space to move around freely, helping to them finish faster, and it also keeps your valuables safe from potential damage.

Trust Reputable Window Installers

A good window installation company will always clean up after the job is done. This means that as soon as the work is completed, they will leave your home in the same state as when they first arrived. There will be unscrupulous contractors who will not take necessary steps to ensure the safety of your property, and it’s best to avoid dealing with these individuals as much as possible.

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