When Do You Need to Replace Your Windows?

In some cases, replacing a window is fairly straightforward. For example, when your sliding windows have become too warped or broken to function, you know for sure you’re due for a replacement. However, window replacement is not this simple most of the time.

Like most parts of your home, replacement windows have an estimated lifespan and, at the end of it, will eventually need to be put out of commission. The trick is balancing the need to get the most out of your windows’ service and getting a replacement before serious problems begin to pop up.

How Long Windows Last

On average, residential windows usually have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. Even the highest quality products will eventually fall victim to aging and regular wear and tear. Sometimes, with proper and regular maintenance, you can extend this service life beyond its maximum. However, professionals recommend preparing for a replacement as soon as you hit the 20-year mark.

Common Window Problems

The average lifespan of a replacement window product is estimated for ideal circumstances, which, unfortunately, are not always the case. Sometimes, problems occur that can greatly affect the performance of your windows and will need a full replacement to address. These problems include the following:

When your energy efficiency has suddenly dropped, and your energy bills have gone up, your windows might be the culprit. This often happens when the window seals are broken, and the insulating gas in double pane windows have leaked out from it.

Some styles like picture windows are meant to be inoperable. However, when your operable window, that is, it can close and open, shows issues with its functionality, you may need to consider getting them replaced.

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