When Do You Need to Get New Windows?

There comes a time when your windows can no longer function as efficiently as you want them to, and they have to be replaced. Replacing them earlier than you need to, however, means you’re not getting the most value out of them.

When Do You Need to Get New Windows?

When is actually the right time to get new windows? Renewal by Andersen® of Houston explains this in detail below.

Water Droplets Start Forming on Your Windows

Check the bottom part of your windows’ glass panes. Do you see any sign of moisture buildup? That’s a good sign that your home is no longer well insulated. The cold from the air outside is somehow able to seep through your windows, causing water vapor to condense on the surface. Resealing the windows won’t get you any long-term results at this point, which means you need to replace them.

It’s Difficult to Operate the Windows

Over time, the metal components of your windows can deteriorate and start getting rusty. This could cause the window’s mechanism to become more difficult to operate. Old wooden frames also tend to “swell”, tightening around the sash and making it difficult to push or pull them. This is especially true for casement windows where poor-fitting panels can get damaged if you force them open.

You Can Feel Strong Drafts From Closed Windows

Windows are supposed to form an airtight seal when they are closed. If you feel strong drafts coming from a fully-closed window, it means that there are huge gaps somewhere, perhaps along the frame, the gap between the sash and the frame, or even at the side of the glass panes. Minor signs of drafts can be fixed with sealant, but more severe cases warrant a total replacement.

Signs of Moisture Damage Show Up on the Frame

This one’s more serious than other problems, and it may require more than just window installation. When moisture damage shows up on the frames (especially for old, wooden frame windows), it means your home is no longer weatherproof. Moisture can be a problem for the siding, the roof or the window itself. As soon as you see severe moisture damage in your windows, however, you will have to get help from professionals ASAP.

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