Warping: Wood and Vinyl Window Limitation

You have plenty of choices if you’re thinking of getting new windows. However, don’t go and pick the first windows you see at the store or online. Think carefully about the type of windows you’re about to buy.


There are different qualities and factors that should factor into your choice of windows. The curb appeal they add to your home, the cost of the windows and the installation, warranty strength, how they affect your home’s energy efficiency, their safety and ease of operation, and more.

It’s a good idea to do a comparison and to discuss your options with your window replacement contractor before making a decision. 

Strength of a Window

One of the most important factors to look for is the window’s strength. This will add to its longevity. You don’t want to be replacing your windows more than once in your lifetime. 

There are good materials that look great on your home, but how long will those windows last? Wood is perhaps the most desired window framing material as it lends beauty to any home. Many homeowners also consider vinyl as it is one of the most affordable options when compared to real wood. 

However, wood and vinyl have certain limitations. Warping is one of their most common problems. 

What Causes Window Warping?

There are different types of warping in a window:

  • Bowing or bending along the window’s face

  • Crook or bending on the edge of the window

  • Kink or a warp on one side of the sash

  • Cup or inward/outward warping of the window

  • Twist when the window edges become twisted

Moisture is commonly responsible for all of these types of window warping. Wood’s tendency to absorb moisture can lead to warping. Another factor that causes warping is heat. Excessive heat is often the reason behind warping in both wood and vinyl windows. Warping can also occur if the window is mishandled.


With Renewal by Andersen® of Houston’s windows warping is not a common problem. The secret is Fibrex, Renewal by Andersen’s proprietary window frame and sash material that combines the best qualities of wood and vinyl while eliminating their common weaknesses. Fibrex comes with a warranty against usual issues, including warping. Fibrex is so strong that it resists expansion quite well. 

You can enjoy the benefits of having Fibrex windows on your home. No need to worry about warping, cracking, peeling, etc. Call Renewal by Andersen of Houston at (281) 547-6177. We’ll help you choose the right windows for your home in Katy and in other parts of Texas.