Warning Signs That Indicate That Your Windows Need Replacement

Even though you keep your windows well-maintained, there will definitely come a time that they wear down and deteriorate. Such problems can take a toll on both their structural integrity and their performance. When any of these warning signs become evident, a window replacement will be necessary.

Warning Signs That Indicate That Your Windows Need Replacement

Air Infiltration

Also known as drafts, this occurs due to a problem with the weatherstripping or seal. Your windows are supposed to keep the temperature of your indoors constant, but with drafts, you are forced to rely on your HVAC system longer than you should just to reach a certain level of comfort. In time, you will notice an increase in your energy consumption.

Though re-caulking can be done to seal whatever gaps your current windows might have, this is only a temporary solution. Drafts can only be prevented when you get better windows.

Sticking Windows

It is hard to deal with a window that gets stuck every time you try to open or close it. It can be due to the age of your window, but sometimes, the material of the frame is to blame. Vinyl windows are prone to expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures, causing an imbalance that makes them hard to operate.

State of Disrepair

A sign that indicates that your window needs replacement is when it is such poor condition that problems can’t be solved through simple repairs. Check the material on or around your window frames to see if they are weak enough to offer little resistance when tested for softness. A window that is not in good shape must be replaced as soon as possible.

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