Video: Maximizing the View With Sliding Windows

Video: Maximizing the View With Sliding Windows

Maximizing the view is one of the best benefits of Renewal by Andersen® of Houston’s sliding windows. Our windows have a unique set of qualities to capitalize on scenic panoramas and incorporate nature into your home’s interior design.

Here’s why they’re the best choice to frame large views of the world outside:

Wide Design

First and foremost, our sliding windows are usually wider than they’re taller. They lend themselves to short walls, giving you the opportunity to frame an expansive view without knocking down the entire wall. As a matter of fact, they’re a great option for opening up your home without having to create new wall openings. Unlike casements, our sliding windows can make the room seem big because they can horizontally take up a large portion of it, which won’t emphasize the low ceiling.

Narrow Framing

Thanks to the incredible strength of our patented Fibrex® material, we can afford to use thin window frames without sacrificing durability and stability. As a result, our gliding windows offer a wider glass area in each panel.

Furthermore, smart choice of window color can help create an illusion of space. If you mimic the hue of your walls, you can make any evidence of your sash and frame profiles virtually disappear. It would feel as if you had transparent barriers between your indoor space and the surrounding landscapes. This design concept is actually consistent with the aesthetic of contemporary home styles like the Miesian Modern architecture.

Picture Window Compatibility

Sliding and picture windows are a match made in heaven. Operable sliding windows introduce ventilation opportunities to plain, fixed window units in exchange for minimal glass loss. Your imagination is the only limit when rolling these amazing window styles into one. Our experienced consultant can help you figure out the best configuration for your room’s wall openings.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Houston help you use sliding windows to best effect. To talk about your Texas window replacement, call us at (281) 547-6177 today to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation in Sugar Land, TX.