Video Blog: 3 Things to Understand About Condensation


Condensation usually appears on the interior or exterior of a window during a cold weather. It blocks the view and soaks your exterior not to mention your furniture if your windows are leaky.



In this video blog, we discuss all about condensation and ways you can protect your windows in Houston, TX.

What is condensation?

Condensation happens when warm moist air gets in contact with cool surfaces. We normally see it in winter, but it occurs all the same during summer. Keep in mind that your windows don’t cause condensation, but they also can’t eliminate this problem. What your windows do instead is alert you. They can show that your home has too much humidity and that you need to reduce the level of moisture. Windows with tighter seals and barrier, such as what we install, help minimize this issue.

What causes condensation?

Condensation comes from having a humid environment indoors. You’d know your home is humid when you smell musty odors, feel damp, find surfaces with mold or mildew, see discoloration on walls, and others. There are many things that we do indoors, which trap moisture even without us knowing it. Some of these daily activities include cooking, showering, indoor grilling, storing firewood, and others. Lack of attic ventilation and crawl space could also result in having excess humidity.

What should you do to minimize condensation in your home?

To effectively reduce humidity, be aware of your day-to-day activities. This means that you need to avoid storing firewood inside your home. You also need to make sure your attic and crawl spaces are well ventilated. When taking a shower, we recommend using a bathroom exhaust fan. These practical tips will decrease humidity levels in your home. Another way to reduce humidity and condensation as a whole in your household is through durable windows.

We hope that this post teaches you a lot about condensation. Renewal by Andersen® of Houston can take care of any window replacement in Houston, TX. The windows the we install are durable, energy-efficient, and high performing. We make use of top-quality materials combined with superior installation skills from our team.

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