Using Replacement Windows to Maximize Natural Lighting

Sunlight has a myriad of known benefits, and your window installation can help you get the most out of this natural resource. Modern lighting from monitors and phone screens can actually disrupt your body’s natural rhythms, leading to problems of heightened stress levels, abnormal sleeping patterns and other health problems.

These days, when more and more people are choosing to stay indoors, having a source of light other than your electronic devices is more important than ever.

More Is Better

When it comes to window replacement, more is typically better, especially if you’re pushing to introduce more daylight into your home. Larger glass areas and less frame materials can contribute immensely to allowing healthy sunlight into your home. East-facing windows can benefit well from expansive glass areas, giving your home more morning sunshine every day.

Energy Efficiency Concerns

The biggest concern about letting more sunlight indoors is with solar heat gain. The more light that enters your home, the more it heats up your interiors. Luckily, Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows come standard with High Performance™ Low-E4® coating to reduce solar heat gain without sacrificing lighting.

Not Just Light

Healthy sunlight isn’t the only benefit you’ll be getting with the right windows. Operable styles, such as casement windows also allow fresh, clean air into your home, improving air circulation and keeping your interiors well-ventilated. Operable windows are best used for north- and south-facing windows to get the best results. This creates a cross-breeze which can cool your home, sometimes even without any air conditioning help.

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